Grantee Spotlight: Meals on Wheels

Mrs. R is a 77 year old widow, living alone and below the federal poverty level. She has several health problems, cannot drive, and no social support from family members.

When she called the Coordinating Council on Older Adults office in May 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 crisis, she had recently been forced by her circumstances to relocate to a rental house. Due to her physical conditions she is not able to stand to cook for herself and has no way to get to the store.

She called requesting help and was informed of the Meals on Wheels program. She was placed on a route that is serviced by one of the delivery trucks and started receiving meals immediately.

When the organization began providing frozen weekend meals to all of our clients, Mrs. R was not able to receive them because she had no refrigerator and her landlord told her he was not responsible for providing one.

The organization was able to purchase a new refrigerator for her and now she is receiving weekend meals in addition to her Monday-Friday deliveries. Ms. R has been so appreciative and has sent several thank you notes to the Coordinating Council on Older Adults.

Thank you to the Meals on Wheels program and our generous donors who made this program possible.