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A ProNet Town Hall
Lessons Learned in 2020: Overcoming Uncertainty

    • Date: March 25, 2021
    • Speakers: Kelly Anoe, Vice President, Legacy Foundation; Amanda Klinck, Grants and Impact Manager, Cumberland Community Foundation; Kevin Lundy, Director of Grantmaking Programs, Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro; Alexandra Warner, Program Officer, Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo
    • Overview: With 2020 firmly in the rearview mirror, we invite you to join members of the ProNet community for an open and honest conversation on how we can use the events of 2020 to advance the mission of our community foundations, as well as our communities at large.

Upcoming Webinars

ProNet Webinar Series:

Disaster Recovery with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 | 3:00 PM EDT


Disasters are not going away. Low attention disasters are affecting rural communities, massive hurricanes are striking the South and Southeast and catastrophic natural and human-caused disasters continue to devastate low development countries globally. The funding community must take every opportunity possible to discuss, prepare for, plan, and DO something about future disasters. What better place to do that than ProNet?


Join us for this immersive webinar on the critical role program officers play in disaster recovery with experts from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.


Regine Webster

Regine Webster

Vice President
Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Tanya Gulliver-Garcia

Tanya Gulliver-Garcia

Director of Learning and Partnerships
Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Key outcomes


  • Learn what effective localization and place based grantmaking strategy could look like for philanthropy.
  • Better understand the changing nature of the disaster philanthropy landscape through promising practices, impact stories and effective tools.
  • Learn concrete techniques to help your foundation become more effective partners in disaster recovery.

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