What Members Are Saying

“During my first month as a grants manager, I was able to attend CF United in Las Vegas. Needless to say, this was an impressionable conference. I was excited to be a part of ProNet and have a network of colleagues all over the country to lean on for advice. I was able to join the ProNet board and help provide resources and webinars to others in the field. The experience of serving on the ProNet board has been wonderful. I encourage anyone who is interested in expanding their professional and personal growth to consider applying for a board position and working with a great team. ProNet is not only a place for resources but a genuine network of program peers who can answer your questions and help you along your journey.”

-Amanda Klinck-

Cumberland Community Foundation

“We have gotten a lot of good ideas from ProNet over the years. But, some of the most important support has been in sharing OLD but GOOD ideas. When we want to improve how we are managing a program (scholarships, small grants, capacity building, training), we like to see how others are doing it. So, over the years, ProNet has helped us design, evaluate, and tweak our existing programs.”

-Mary M. Holmes – Cumberland Community Foundation

“Being a member of the ProNet board is engaging and rewarding. I greatly appreciate the exchange and sharing of ideas and information to help all of us in the program area of philanthropy do our most impactful work.”

-Ashley Siferd Butler – East Tennessee Foundation

Conference Benefits

  • Gathering with others who work on programs in community foundations.
  • The networking opportunities and the practicality of the sessions.
  • It is always nice to meet my counterparts at other community foundations and share experiences.
  • Reconnecting with colleagues in the field.  It is great to hear about what others are trying and what they’ve learned, as well as get updates on how the field might advance.
  • The intimate setting allowed for in depth follow-up conversations with other attendees and a chance to get to know each other a but better than we could have in a larger group setting.
  • Connecting with other community foundations of similar size with similar challenges..