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Trudy, I am interested in your subject but do not see an attachment? Am I missing it? We started our covid-19 emergency response fund in mid March and have been running weekly urgent need grant opportunities, which we will continue to do as long as possible. We have stopped actively fundraising because we are meeting the current needs and have funds available going forward. However, if our community is hard hit again in the winter – we may need to start fundraising again. We have been discussing adding an operational and sustainability grant application to the winter time frame and that would take about half of our remaining funds, but the need is great. We also changed the focus on many of our other grant programs to support pandemic recovery. One other thing our funds went to is a pilot medium term recovery program that offers executive coaching and consulting. We are running that program through an application and selection process and plan to serve 25 nonprofits through the end of the year. Depending on how it goes, this may be a new capacity building program for us. Thanks Heather Mahler, Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore in Salisbury, Maryland.

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Phases of COVID-19 Grantmaking

East Tennessee Foundation developed a phases approach when we reactivated our Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) Disaster Relief Fund in March. We determined then that our response would need to be a "marathon" rather than a "sprint".
I am attaching a brief summary of these phases and would love to hear from others on the approaches being utilized. We are looking to the fall and early 2021 in anticipation we will still "need" our N2N Fund in operation which means securing ongoing contributions to the Fund in support of continued grantmaking. Any and all input so appreciated!