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COVID Grantmaking

Hi Folks,

Everyone scrambling as fast to deal with COVID era grantmaking as we are in Madison? I'd love to hear what others are doing. Here are few things we've done at MCF:

1) All remaining Community Impact and Field of Interest funds are being focused on helping agencies deal with new priorities as dictated by COVID circumstances.

2) Grantees have been invited to submit revised action plans/outcomes if they need to repurpose their grant (our grantmaking committee will then have 24 hrs to affirm the change via email)

3) We've worked with our United Way to help them raise basic needs/social services funds

4) We've started our own COVID fund to gather money for non-social service needs (arts, environment, learning, public libraries, etc). Right now just a place for people to donate. We're not actively fundraising yet because we don't want to compete with the United Way fund. We'll likely use some of our own unrestricted funding to seed it.

5) We've contracted with a law firm to offer webinars, work sessions and one-on-one consultation to help nonprofits learn about, and apply for, all the stimulus money, federal and state aid, etc.

6) We're all working remotely.

Hope you're all doing ok, staying sane and healthy, and finding time for your own balance. This is pretty emotionally taxing. In phone call after phone call with fragile non-profits I feel like I'm in a confessional. Don't forget to find time for yourselves – read a juicy novel, binge watch something, bake a cake, make some art, listen to album (turned up to 11!).