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Community Visioning Process – Sample RFPs

We are looking to conduct a community visioning exercise later this year. The basic premise is to generate “big ideas” that we can act upon as a community. We would like to send out RFPs to public affairs/marketing firms to assist us with messaging and marketing for this process. Our thinking is that this is as much or more of a marketing campaign than a planning process. In other words, we are looking to a firm to help us generate buzz and excitement for big ideas more than we are looking to a firm to facilitate discussions, though we may want some of that expertise as well.

I’d love to know if anyone has gone through a similar process and any information or insights you might provide. More specifically, I’m looking for examples of RFPs to send firms for this type of process.

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We've recently engaged in a similar process (see attached RFP). I'm happy to talk more about specifics, because our promotion and use of the info is a little different than what you've described.

Feel free to reach out 325-676-3883 or

Michelle Parrish
Community Foundation of Abilene